Our Greg Heiser will lead a roundtable workshop focused on Changing & Integrating Approaches for Volumetric Modular Rooms at the Lean Construction Institute 2019 Design Forum in Chicago on May 29-30.  The event focuses on advancing leading lean methodologies from design and construction companies across the U.S. to help them become more efficient while increasing client satisfaction, reducing costs and eliminating re-work. Learn more about the LCI Design Forum online. The overview of Greg’s session is below:

Roundtable Workshop: Changing & Integrating Design Approaches for Volumetric Modular Rooms

Just as planning and designing for prefabrication is very different from traditional construction methods, planning and designing for volumetric modular adds a further layer of complexity to the process. Further, as still very few architects/engineers have had the opportunity work on large-scale modularized rooms, many are still learning best practices to do so.

The aim of this Roundtable is to bring some clarity to the challenge, as you will learn and discuss:

  • Balancing standardization and creativity: what level of standardization of size, materials, logistics etc. must be thought about in the design stages and how does this provide parameters, not restrictions, that ultimately ease the design process?
  • Benchmarking ways the architect and modular fabricator can collaborate and support one another in design to deliver maximum work flow and value to the client

Highlighting the importance of reviewing the entire building process up-front, such as building codes and regulations, and how design processes and documentation must be restructured to ensure maximum clarity at the start of design for fabrication/trade partner integration.