Hector Tuminan of CannonDesign is co-presenting with Patrick Saavedra, Director of  Planning, Architecture and Design, York University and Siva Vimalachandran, Director of Projects & Organizational Development, York University Student Centre Inc. at IIDEXCanada. Their presentation, titled “Symbiotic Architecture, The Design of York University New Student Centre,” will center around the collaborative process that occurs between the institution, users and architects during the design process.Speakers will provide insights and lessons learned from the development of York University’s new student center.

York University’s campus was half its current size when the first student center was designed. To better accommodate campus growth and an increasingly diverse student population, the University and the York University Student Association (YSA) passed a referendum in favor of a second 150,000 sf building. The session will take participants through the innovative design process of the student center, including overarching design strategy and guiding principles, tools and user engagement employed to fund the project, and insights on the ongoing involvement and symbiotic relationship between the client and project team.

IIDEXCanada is part of The Buildings Show, an annual conference dedicated to discovering new innovations across the design, architecture, construction and real estate communities. More than 30,500 trade professionals attend each year from Canada, the United States and abroad. IIDEXCanada runs from November 29-30th. Session registration details can be found here.

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