BuiltWorlds CEO Tech ForumHilda Espinal, our Chief Technology Officer, will speak at BuiltWorlds 2018 Future Workforce Conference on Nov. 29. Aware that, “the built world has a major workforce dilemma, with an aging workforce, an ongoing labor shortage, a lack of understanding about how to attract millennials, and a reluctance to adopt technology all contributing,” the event focuses on how to solve the industry’s dilemma once and for all.

Specifically, Hilda will speak during a panel discussion about the evolving technology roles emerging in the AEC industry. The full title and abstract for her panel discussion are below.

Panel: Tech Talks – BuiltWorld’s Top Adoption Leaders
New employment opportunities are sprouting up throughout the built environment as companies are adopting emerging technologies. In this panel, our research team will highlight innovative leaders who made BuiltWorld’s Technology Adoption Leaders 50 List and further explore evolving technology roles among Field Operators, BIM/VDC managers, traditional IT professionals, and those in the overall AEC-RE industry.

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