Eric T. Jaffe“Designing environments that encourage idea exchange” is the title of Eric Jaffe‘s presentation topic at the University Industry Demonstration Partnership’s co-location workshop, April 12, in Lincoln, Nebraska. This UIDP Academy event is designed to provide industry and academic leaders valuable insights on the benefits and challenges of co-location.

About his session: In the context of facility design and operational considerations, the key to creating an environment that encourages idea exchanges by reducing communication and cultural barriers is rooted in a robust architectural pre-programming and planning effort that engages professionals focused on strategic planning, enterprise development and design. This session will share examples and discussion points of what needs to be considered before creating co-location among industry and academic partners including:

  • What is the motivation for co-location partnerships?
  • What are the building models for building operations?
  • How should mindful planning among constituents be balanced with expectations?
  • How decisions equate to space requirements?
  • How is building design and planning different for co-located spaces versus traditional or singular-use spaces?

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