JeffImage result for thrival festivalrey Murray, FAIA, LEED AP, will be participating in a panel discussion at the Thrival summit in Pittsburgh, PA. The session titled, “Architectural Intelligence: Design Principles for Inclusive Smart Cities” will explore concepts that enhance a city’s ability to collect data in order to enhance livability, workability and sustainability.

Jeff will be focusing his presentation on high performing, intelligent buildings and how they have the potential to reduce energy consumption, improve resiliency, reduce operating cost, and positively impact occupant wellbeing and productivity.

The other panelists include Alex Pazuchanics, assistant director of mobility and infrastructure for the city of Pittsburgh; Heather Tomko, research coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh; Kristi Woolsey, product lead at MAYA; and Molly Steensn, associate professor of ethics and computational technologies at Carnegie Mellon University.

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