Event Date(s): May 26, 2021
Presenters: Jocelyn Stroupe

Jocelyn Stroupe Speaking on the Impact of Noise on Healing Environments for Healthcare Radius Virtual Panel

Jocelyn will join other design experts on for this Mumbai-based webinar on Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30 AM EST/4 PM Mumbai time.

Jocelyn StroupeHealthcare Radius magazine will moderate this event that focuses on how noise affects the healing of patients and the focus of healthcare workers. The findings of a new AECOM study suggest that too many patients are exposed to unwanted noise and a lack of privacy while they are recovering. Room acoustics are crucial in healthcare spaces are require thoughtful design and consideration. Jocelyn, director of our healthcare interior design practice, has worked in this realm for more than 25 years and is invested in creating an optimal patient experience.

The other panelists include:

  • B.R.Sriram, Director – Design, Sonics
  • Mathew M. George, Principal, MMG Acoustical Consultants
  • Rang Emei, Principal. Helix Healthcare Architecture
  • Dr. Bakul Parulkar, Consultant, Audiology and Speech therapy, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre
  • Naresh Duble, Head – Continuous Improvement and Marketing, Knauf Ceiling Solutions

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