Stuart Brodsky will co-present “STEM: Designing an elementary school for the future” featuring the 2013 MacConnell Award-winning Booker T. Washington STEM Academy at the Council of Education Facility Planners’ conference on October 25. Lizanne DeStefano, Ph.D., former director of the I-STEM Educational Initiative at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is also presenting. Her team provided a high level of insight on how students would learn differently in BTW’s STEM environment during the design committee planning process.

Booker T

2013 MacConnell Award-winning Booker T. Washington STEM Academy

Learn how the community-based planning process and STEM magnet curriculum served as a design catalyst that built an innovative project-based learning environment, and established enduring educational partnerships with local businesses and the University of Illinois. The LEED gold certified building leverages sustainable systems strategies to reduce operational costs, provide a living-laboratory for STEM education and hands-on learning experiences.

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