Four of CannonDesign’s leaders will present at the Advancing Prefabrication conference, Jan. 28 – 31, 2019, in Dallas, Texas.

Advancing Prefabrication is North America’s leading thought-leadership conference dedicated to revolutionizing off-site and industrialized manufacturing approaches across the construction industry. Network with all stakeholders to improve labor productivity, safety, and consolidate schedules through prefabrication and modularization as we explore optimizing the entire process from project conception through installation. The following sessions will include CannonDesign leaders:

Changing Approaches to Design for Full Volumetric Modular Buildings

Just as planning and designing for prefabrication is very different from traditional construction methods, planning and designing for full volumetric modular adds a further layer of complexity to the process. Further, as still very few architects have had the opportunity to work on large-scale modularized buildings, many are still learning best practices to do so.

Is Your Company Prefab Ready?: Identifying & Removing Cultural Corporate Roadblocks to Enable Success With Offsite Manufacturing

Taken in two parts, this session will comprise of an introductory presentation outlining a five-point review process for prefab readiness to understand some of the corporate roadblocks and enablers to success. The conclusion will be a panel discussion of various individuals who have gone along this journey, exploring how they optimized their corporate structure and processes to establish the right culture, strategic plans and prefab champions to maintain success of prefab and modular initiatives within their own companies.