Event Date(s): October 5, 2020 - October 7, 2020

Leading the Conversation on Sustainable Laboratories: Punit Jain and Alicia Pandimos Maurer to Present at I2SL Virtual Conference

Punit Jain, AIA, LEED Fellow, and Alicia Pandimos Maurer, AIA, LEED AP, are leading workshops and presenting during multiple sessions during the I2SL virtual conference from October 5-7.

Both Punit and Alicia share a passion for sustainable laboratories and are sought-after thought leaders in this important topic.

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Here are a few excerpts from their workshops and presentations:

October 5: Introduction to Sustainable Strategies for Laboratory Planning, Design, and Operation

Punit Jain will co-host this all-day workshop. Laboratory professionals from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend this course because it gives a good introduction to laboratory sustainability and energy efficiency and why they are such important issues.

October 6: How Co-Localization of Shared Research Equipment Can Impact the Design and Engineering of Both New and Renovated Laboratory Buildings

Alicia co-presents on the impacts of co-locating freezers and other equipment in regards to architecture and MEP building systems.

October 6: Lab Building Renovations as an Alternative to New Construction: Pros and Cons

Alicia and presenters will look at some examples of lab building renovation projects that have been able to employ solutions to overcome obstacles and talk about the pros gained by choosing to do a renovation project.

October 7: Moving From Interdisciplinary Science to Interdisciplinary Learning

Punit Jain walks through how to embrace a truly interdisciplinary environment, we can spur collaborative learning and research across non-traditional disciplines and departments.