Sustainability remains an absolutely critical topic for the design industry. Regardless of market, leaders and organizations are seeking to deliver high performance with fewer resources. CannonDesign is committed to consistently driving the conversation forward on this topic as it helps organizations, individuals and the planet at large.

Our sustainability team is hard at work driving the message at key industry events this fall. Across September and October, members of our team are set to deliver a number of presentations across five conferences that will further strengthen our thought leadership. Here is a list of the conferences and events where we’ll be presenting:

Architectural Record Webcast: How 4 Leading Architects are Winning Everyday with Performance-Based Design
Christine Reinders
October 15, 2014 at Noon

Embodied Energy
Gabrielle Rossit
Toronto Sustainable Building Advisor Program
Fall 2014

Environmental Product Declarations
Rand Ekman and Marion Lawson
CSI Chicago Annual Meeting
Sept. 23

Galvanizing Transformation: An Internal Revolution 
Rand Ekman, CannonDesign

Barbra Batshalom, Sustainable Performance Institute
Lynn Simon, Thornton Tomasetti
Steve Gabbert, Snyder Langston
Greenbuild 2014
October 22 in New Orleans

The AIA launched the Sustainability Leadership Opportunity Scan in 2013 that identified four priority areas for architectural leadership through sustainability: two core-to-design issues on Energy and Materials and two that focus on emerging trends of Design + Health and Resilience. There’s been a lot of activity within the AIA and with key partners since that initial document on each of these topic areas. This session will go into detail about recent activities, what we’ve learned to date and how plans for the future are developing to increase the focus and impact for all engaged in driving toward a sustainable, resilient and equitable future.

Rand Ekman
Greenbuild 2014
October 22 in New Orleans

Institutionalizing Sustainability: Transforming Professional Practices to Achieve Portfolio-wide Improvements / Consistently Higher Performance on Projects 
Summary: The future of our planet and the future of our industry depend on our ability to thrive in systems, to co-create in collaboration and to achieve levels of synergy that transform our impact. The 2030 Challenge, Living Buildings, Net Zero, BREEAM and LEED all define building performance targets for the industry. Yet, a critical gap remains between rising performance goals and the organizational capability to consistently achieve them.

Rand Ekman, CannonDesign
Barbara Batshalom, Sustainable Performance Institute
Paula McEvoy, Perkins+Will
Gunnar Hubbard, Thornton Tomasetti
World SB 2014
Oct. 28 in Barcelona