autodeskEngineering specialists Derek Main and Jimmy Rotella will be presenting at Autodesk University’s conference, November 15 to 17, 2016.

Automating Plumbing Design in Revit, by Plumbing Engineer Derek Main

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
About the session: Revit MEP software is a powerful design tool in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) world. While we can’t automate the entire design of plumbing systems in Revit software, there are various workflows that we can automate for a quicker, more efficient way of design. Utilizing Revit software, this class will show how we can use Revit software’s piping systems, families with more useful information, and manipulation of some parameters to automate various workflows in our plumbing designs. These workflows include: automating the flow of roof areas in square footage or gallons per minute (GPM) in roof drainage piping, required cubic feet per hour (CFH) in gas piping, and GPM in hot-water return piping. The information in the families used will also enable us to create schedules for our drawings or calculation sheets. Attendees of this class should have a basic understanding of Revit software, but be looking to expand their knowledge of Revit software Piping Systems and BIM.

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The New AEC Industry: How to Survive in the New Information Age, by Design Application Specialist Jimmy Rotella

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
About the session: Our industry has changed. New tools are challenging the traditional design process and impacting our cost structures. At the same time, a wave of Millennials and Generation Zers are entering the workforce and changing corporate cultures everywhere. They bring with them a mindset revolving around access to their work from anywhere, a warehouse of new customized tools, and an open-source mindset of collaboration and co-opitition. All the while, the entire environment around us is becoming more connected through the Internet of Things, and bombarding us with more and more data. How will the architecture, engineering, and construction industry adapt to such drastic change? Do you have the skill sets needed to survive in this new age?

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