CannonDesign’s Nick Cameron is set to present at NeoCon East on “Leading Firms to Success by Harnessing the Talents of Emerging Professionals,” Wednesday, Oct. 29 in Baltimore. NeoCon East is the premier design exposition and conference for commercial interiors on the East Coast.

As the learning session’s overview reads, “Growth and success in firms hinge on the ability to harness the wealth of talent that exists within the new, emerging professionals.” Cameron and other speakers will review case studies on refining business practices by capitalizing on young professionals’ expertise, identify ways to utilize and leverage hidden talent and see examples of improving the bottom line through engaging the enthusiasm, passion and collaborative and technological expertise of emerging professionals.”

Other speakers taking part in the presentation include Benjamin Franklin Burgin (Karn Charuhas Chapman & Twohey) and Thomas Jacobs (Krueck + Sexton Architects).