BICSICannonDesign’s Patrick Mahoney will present, “LEAN Process Improvement – How to Positively Impact Your Projects and Business,” at the 2016 BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls on May 2. The seminar will explore techniques and concepts associated with Lean Process Improvements. LEAN is a philosophical approach to improving business by removal of waste within a process. The core of this philosophy is that any use of resources other than for the creation of value is wasteful and thereby a target for elimination.

The presentation will cover basic LEAN theory as well as tools and techniques to support the practice of LEAN process improvement. This will encompass a review of Value Stream Mapping, the Seven Wastes of LEAN, the principle of the 5 S’s for workplace organization and explore improvement actions and activities. Mahoney will specifically look at an example of Data Center deployment and work to help people understand LEAN from a customer’s perspective.