Our Praful Kulkarni will take part in a panel discussion and presentation titled, “Progressive Design-Build Delivery –  A Better Way to Achieve Predictable Project Outcomes,” at the Healthcare Project Delivery Conference in San Diego on Thursday, Jan 24 at 4:30 PM. The conference exists to offer tools, best practices and new ideas to administrators and developers evaluating their next healthcare facility investment.

The full conference agenda can be found online. Here’s the overview of Praful’s panel discussion:

Progressive Design-Build Delivery: A Better Way to Achieve Predictable Project Outcomes
In progressive design-build, the design-builder is selected primarily (if not exclusively) based on qualifications and is brought on as part of the owners’ team at a very early stage of the design. The design-builder will either assist the owner in developing the design concept or advance the design from what the owner already has developed through its own personnel or an independent design professional. There are several reasons that an owner would choose to use a PDB process vs. the typical two-phase best value process and there have been many advances to the delivery method recently. Enabling owners to get the benefits of having the design-builder introduced to the project at the earliest possible point is merely the tip of the iceberg. Allowing the design-builder to use its expertise to influence the design development process and avoid the time and expense associated with having another designer create the design baseline and then “hand-off” the design to the design-builder after the completion of the procurement process. Another important benefit of PDB is that the owner can achieve a high degree of construction cost certainty as the design is being developed.

Sophisticated owners have been working on ways to develop and perfect the PDB method and along with others have developed advances related to the delivery’s nuances.  In this discussion attendees will learn more about these advances of how teams have been able to successfully use this method to deliver multi-billion dollar capital programs.  Additionally, the discussion will outline trends along with a more advanced deep-dive into the delivery and its complexities, advances and benefits.

Praful Kulkarni, AIA, President + CEO, gkkworks | CannonDesign
Jennifer Farnham, Area Manager, PCL Construction
Eric Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor of Capital Program, UCSD

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