Robert Masterssouthside will present on the “Super Track” Split-Flow ED model employed at Northwell Health as part of an Emergency Medicine Panel session at this year’s Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Austin, TX. Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo, now in it’s 30th year, brings industry experts together for three days to focus on what makes design for healthcare facilities so unique, challenging and impactful. To learn more and register for the event, visit the conference’s official website.

Robert’s presentation will take place on Monday, September 18th from 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM and is part of the session titled, “ED Design Considerations – Two Different Approaches to Workflow to Improve Patient Care While Reducing Patient Wait Times.” Robert will co-present with Dr. John D’Angelo, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Emergency Medicine Services of Northwell Health, alongside three other industry experts on how two projects addressed the challenge of providing quality emergency care with limited resources.

In Northwell Health’s case, they implemented a new “Super Track” clinical model retrofitted into several EDs to manage wait times and reduce patient length of stays via an acuity-based split flow concept — leading to a 15% reduction in door-to-door provider times and a 42% rise in volume over a two year period.

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