Our own Rudy Santacroce will present a session titled “LMS in the Health Care Industry” at the ELMS Summit 2018 on Nov. 28 at 3:15 p.m. in Dallas, Texas. A brief description of the presentation can be read below:

Lean Management Systems are relatively new to government, but private industry has been using these approaches for decades. In the healthcare industry, Lean principles are used not only to improve existing processes, but also in the design of new hospitals. This session will explain how Lean ideas have improved this critical sector.

ELMS, which stands for EPA Lean Management System, is a tracking system that enables the Environment Protection Agency to respond to and resolve challenges quickly and thoroughly, using Lean principles and tools. The ELMS Summit 2018 is designed to help attendees learn about their role as problem-solvers in ELMS, tools for assisting process teams in the use of visual management, and the connections between performance improvement and measurement.

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