Brad Lukanic

Mark Whiteley

During this 1 ½ hour case study and workshop session, Brad Lukanic and Mark Whiteley will present a case study and work session during the T-Summit conference, March 21 and 22, Washington, D.C. The two-part session first explores academic and industry case studies, followed by a collective workshop.

About the topic:

How can one create the fertile ground which spurs cross-disciplinary thinking and engagement? How is the business of learning and discovery changing, and what is the surrounding impact focusing on research, collaboration and discovery? What are the aspects that facilitate silo-breaking behavior that result in cultural change? This session focuses on sharing academia and industry examples that are foundations of facilitating a behavior change, then exploring the spatial opportunities that foster boundary-crossing behaviors through a series of interactive exercises.

Because innovation is not a static endeavor, this session seeks to align the evolution in business practices to the evolution in the spaces that foster collaborative thinking. Academia and industry are evolving, with new challenges emerging. Innovation is never static and many times not by the stalwarts of the industry. Take the recent news discussions of a self-driving car being developed outside of the automotive industry, streaming music that has revamped the music industry, or even how Amazon is exploring drone technology. If you are not researching you are not innovating. This session sets to share insights and best practices while exploring future prototypes.

T-Summit attendees will hear U.S.- and international-based perspectives from industry, government, academia, private foundations and not-profit organizations. T-Summit 2016 promises informative, provocative and collaborative discussions through a mix of keynotes and workshops that will advance the T-shaped concept and provide actionable ideas for you and your organization.

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