Brad LukanicAs one of T-Summit’s keynote speakers, Brad Lukanic will present “Innovation all around us: 10 stories, Pixar short-style” at the T-Summit conference in Washington, D.C. Brad links the academic world to the conference theme of “transformational approaches to creating t-shaped professionals.”

About the topic: Pixar Studios, the full-feature film studio producing several of the highest grossing films of all time, are also know for Pixar Shorts. These short, feature-themed films grew out showcasing Pixar’s proprietary animation hardware capabilities – and helped launch today’s multi-billion dollar animation studio.

Like Pixar and their evolution, the world around us is innovative and crosses boundaries from the education realm to private industry. But how we adapt, prepare, balance and excel, and if we’re given opportunities, can create a foundation for future challenges.

This 20-minute session will mirror the idea of the Pixar Shorts, demonstrating the advancement in and cross-pollination among education and industry, how evolved thinking and inspired leadership with a desire to change past business models, transformed the built environment.

T-Summit attendees will hear U.S.- and international-based perspectives from industry, government, academia, private foundations and not-profit organizations. T-Summit 2016 promises informative, provocative and collaborative discussions through a mix of keynotes and workshops that will advance the T-shaped concept and provide actionable ideas for you and your organization.

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