Tim SwansonTim Swanson will take part in a salon style conversation for A New Reality focused on Impact Within the Workplace, Wednesday, May 24 at 5 p.m.  The session will highlight workplace principles and ideas business leaders can implement to enhance collaboration, connectivity and sustainability in their organizations. The discussion builds on Jonathan Salk’s new book – A New Reality – that dives into the evolution of human culture and work. Joining Tim on the panel will be Salk, Jason Fried (Co-Founder and CEO of Basecamp), and Angela Spinazze, a respected organizational change-agent.

The full overview for the event is below and those interested can register online.

A New Reality Discussion: Impact Within  The Workplace
Thought a salon style conversation, we will explore epochal changes in the workplace. This dialogue will feature business leaders who are working to create change in their organization’s culture as well as in their projects. The participants represent different scales and disciplines, including service design, architecture and education.