CRE-TechTim Swanson is set to take part in a keynote interview to kick off’s upcoming event, “Intelligent and Productive Workplaces.” Tim will focus on the exciting new roles technology is playing in the workplace, in design and the world around us to set the stage for other TED-style presentations and panel discussions. Folks can register for the event online. Event Description

Nearly every workplace is being reshaped by technology. Today’s building owners and workplace planners have the ability to gather troves of information with sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) that can help manage a building, right down to individual workspaces. From lighting to HVAC, to access control, we are increasingly able to monitor and fine-tune every system in our buildings and workplaces.

And technology isn’t just improving the built environment but also the way we work and communicate. Video conferencing, social networks and virtual office technology has removed traditional workplace boundaries for enhanced productivity, collaboration and flexibility. By incorporating “smart office” technologies, companies are making the physical work environment intelligent and adaptable to company workflows.