Tim Swanson, office practice leader for our Chicago office, will be leading the “Engage” session of ARCHEWORKS’ Design Sprints workshop series on October 13. ARCHEWORKS is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary design school that advances design in the public interest through forums and partnership-based education programs focused on socially responsible and ecologically resourceful design solutions.

The Design Sprints series features intensive workshops where participants learn the fundamental skills of ARCHEWORKS’ Public Interest Design approach: identifying opportunity, engaging a collective audience, convincing and testing ideas, and making design an agent of change. Tim will be leading the session with Matt Abeles, managing director of BuiltWorlds, and Bill Fienup, Co-founder of Catalyze Chicago.


ARCHEWORKS advances design in the public interest and inspires collaborative action to shape sustainable, equitable, and healthy communities. Its mission has a simple premise: Design shapes the way we live. The fewer resources communities and individuals have, the more they need great design solutions to enhance their quality of life.

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