Leaders from CannonDesign’s Corporate/Commercial and Workplace Strategy teams are set to deliver key presentations at IFMA World Workplace and CoreNet Global in October. Both events are viewed as signature conferences for the commercial and workplace industry.

The three IFMA presentations from CannonDesign’s team (David Craig, Angie Earlywine and Teresa Bridges) will focus on getting started with a workplace strategy, responding to generational shifts in the workplace and a look at how the workplace can reinforce a culture of wellness across an organization. For CoreNet Global, David Craig and Zurich North America’s Jennifer Kyung are set to present on Zurich’s unique workplace pilot efforts in advance of the company’s new North American Headquarters

IFMA Events

Angie Earlywine
Workplace Detox: Seven Things You Could Be Getting All Wrong
Thursday, Oct. 8, 8-9 a.m. – Angie Earlywine

Whether a workplace program is in its infancy, or mature and refined many times over there are lessons to be learned and toxic workplace practices to quarantine. It’s time to take stock of the corners we’ve cut and the assumptions we’ve made and regroup on best practices. As we focus on future-proofing the workplace by allowing for maximum flexibility and mobility enablement, could we be doing more harm than good in today’s modern workplace? Is your organization ready for a workplace detox?

David CraigTeresa_Bridges



Preparing Workplaces for the Next Generational Shift – Gen Y Managing Gen Z
Friday, Oct. 9, 9:15 – 10:15 – David Craig and Teresa Bridges

For over a decade, we’ve heard about Millennials (Gen Y) entering the workplace and posing new challenges for their managers. With older Millennials turning 35, many are managers themselves, often using managerial approaches different than those of their predecessors. Over the next decade, they’ll be managing the next generation in the workforce (Gen Z), who’s on the cusp of entering the workplace and will have even more evolved attitudes toward technology, information consumption and sharing. This session highlights the unique managerial approaches of Gen Y and the unique demands that are expected from Gen Z, using survey data and interviews from eight recent projects, as well as insights from high school and university design – where the next generation currently resides. The session also shows how specific workplace practices can enhance Gen Y management approaches and how future workplaces will need to be imagined differently to help them work with Gen Z.

David CraigTeresa_Bridges



The Three Dimensions of Improving Well-Being Through Workplace Design
Friday, Oct. 9, 11:45-12:45 a.m. – David Craig and Teresa Bridges

Research has shown that mental and physical health has a direct impact on productivity and engagement, as well as organizational performance. While leading-edge organizations have been launching programs to enhance employee well-being, their workplaces may be working against their goals. Even conscious workplace interventions may be ineffective if unused. This session presents a series of case studies and data collected from several workplace research projects to show how smart workplaces can embed wellness in the continuous work experience, focusing on three dimensions of work: movement, rest and stimulation. Specific workplace solutions are presented for encouraging healthy behaviors in each dimension, highlighting the importance of user-centered design, cultural change and integration with other programs.

CoreNet Global

Dynamic Piloting at Zurich North America
Sunday, Oct. 18 2-3 p.m. – David Craig and Jennifer Kyung

Seeking to best engage their employees in the creation of the company’s new HQ, Zurich had more than 150 employees spend three weeks testing each of four uniquely configured office neighborhoods. The employees split time between individual workstations and shared spaces throughout the pilot floor and experience different styles of office desks, chairs, enclaves, conference rooms and informal meeting spaces that could potentially be incorporated into the future HQ.

Via focus groups and employee surveys, Zurich collected valuable feedback before, during and after with results showing positive results. The pilot program will all ultimately influence the creation of the new HQ which will serve Zurich’s approximately 2,500 employees in the Chicago area.

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