Manuel HernandezOn August 23, Manuel Hernandez, M.D. and Health Practice Leader at CannonDesign, presented “Optimal Efficiency: New Approaches to Lab Consolidation and Centralization” at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s inaugural Hospital Laboratory Design and Renovation meeting in D.C. Part of the Next Generation Dx Summit, the meeting brought together diagnostics professionals from across the globe to discuss best practices in modern hospital laboratory design and renovation.

Hernandez’s presentation focused on the benefits of laboratory consolidation, specifically related to the role it can play in reducing costs, decreasing redundant services, eliminating variation across multiple sites, and optimizing workflow and staff utilization. He also went on to discuss the value that comes with following a human-centered design process, and introduced a number of key design considerations to follow when consolidating clinical laboratories. Below are a few of those considerations:

  1. Set performance expectations for the new laboratory long before designing the space.
  2. Model specimen volume projections over a 10-year horizon.
  3. Map out key processes in detail; reduce unnecessary steps and identify how processes inform hierarchy of adjacencies.
  4. Test ideas early in the design process by creating prototypes or mockups of key spaces.
  5. Plan for increased automation of all steps in the process; ensure zones of flexibility exist.

More about Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez, a member of CannonDesign’s Health Market Core Leadership Team, is a dynamic physician executive with more than twenty years of healthcare experience. In his tenure with CannonDesign, he has led the development of the firm’s proprietary outcomes-based visioning process, which has been used to help hundreds of clients achieve optimal solutions in clinical strategy, operations and facility design. He is an internationally-recognized thought leader on clinical futures, having presented at conferences in North America, Europe and Asia and contributed to leading healthcare publications, including Emergency Physicians International.

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