16,000 Ohlone Community College students returned to Fremont Campus to a different scene than when they left for the summer. In addition to the completion of new athletic fields, construction has also progressed on the academic core buildings. Once complete, these buildings’ formal and informal gathering spaces will deepen the connection of students to their peers, as well as faculty and staff; leading to holistic learning experience.

While new construction on any campus is exciting, it can also take a toll on faculty and students alike in getting from point A to point B. In this case, however, the College planned ahead to make sure everyone onsite can easily find their way around campus. The village of temporary classroom structures positioned at the lower portion of the site (located at the north-west corner of the campus) will accommodate student classrooms displaced by construction. And the general contractor of the projects has made sure delivery truck crossings are supervised and truck drivers aware there will be increased pedestrian traffic. The supervision of vehicle and pedestrian intersections, coupled with a comprehensive campus signage effort by the college, will assist with wayfinding during this campus transformation.

This is an exciting time for Ohlone – we look forward to seeing these facilities continue to develop over the coming months.