July 6, 2022

Brooke Grammier Joins CannonDesign as Chief Information Officer and Core Team Member

We are ecstatic to share Brooke Grammier has joined our team as Chief Information Officer and will be a member of our firm’s Core Team moving forward.

Throughout her 20+ year career, Brooke has proven herself one of the most dynamic and effective Technology leaders to work in the design profession. She has led successful Information & AEC Design Technology strategy, operations and integration efforts that have pushed her previous firms and the industry at large forward in bold ways.

Brooke’s role as our CIO and newest leadership team member will be integral to CannonDesign’s journey,” said our CEO Brad Lukanic. “Her perspective and passion for technology—impacting our employees, our clients and the industry—will help advance our strategic framework; technology is a major component to realize our future ambitions.”

In her new role, Brooke will work to ensure CannonDesign’s technology infrastructure and novel solutions are best-in-class and differentiate the firm’s ability to empower clients. She’ll specifically lead our information and design technology and products innovation team as they develop, enhance and implement multi-platform solutions that connect built and virtual environments in profound ways.

“CannonDesign is one of the most forward thinking premier design firms of our time and the opportunity to join their team interested me the moment I learned of the opportunity,” said Brooke. “I love their commitment to Living-Centered Design, to helping people flourish, to true human impact via design. It’s aligned with my personal culture – pushing technology forward, improving the world through sustainable practices, advancing diversity in leadership, pushing for innovation in our industry and solving problems via technology on every front.”

Capable of driving results across the full continuum of technology, Brooke especially excels at transforming organizational cultures around technology, building and empowering teams, and finding new ways to leverage data to drive design solutions. She keeps herself and those she works with at the leading-edge of technological possibilities, exploring the Internet of Things, automation through machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, data informed practices and visualizations, and application development. Based in our Houston office, Brooke will lead our technology efforts and client work globally.

“The incredible reality of technology is it changes rapidly,” added Brooke. “That excites me. It means the depth of solutions we can forge, the paradigms we can shift, the tools we can use, they grow more powerful each day. CannonDesign embraces that and I’m so ready to help them fully unleash technology for the brightest future possible.”