Paul Kondrat
Paul Kondrat
Rob Garra
Rob Garra
February 19, 2021

Engineers Week: Celebrating Our Contributions

Paul Kondrat
Paul Kondrat
Rob Garra
Rob Garra

We like to use Engineers Week as a time for us to celebrate the success of our firm through our projects and our people supporting our Living-Centered Design mission. While this is not a comprehensive list of everything we’ve accomplished together, it does represent the great work we do every day. Many of these projects have won significant design and engineering awards and we look forward to seeing how these projects help people continuously flourish in the years to come.

Ohlone College, Academic Core Buildings, Fremont, CA

  • Three new buildings all designed to achieve Net Zero energy
  • The central utility plant employs an earth-coupled bidirectional cascade chiller system with heat-recovery chillers to generate chilled water and heating hot water for campus distribution.
  • All hot water for the three new buildings is provided by a solar thermal domestic water heating system with natural-gas backup.
  • Advanced lighting controls enable efficient daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, time-based control scheduling, load shedding, task tuning, and personal control.
  • The new buildings are outfitted with category 6A shielded cabling to desktop and wireless devices, with 10 GB speed for wired devices and 1 GB for BYOD (bring your own device) equipment.

City Colleges of Chicago, Daley College Manufacturing, Technology and Engineering Center, Chicago, IL

  • Received an Excellence in Structural Engineering Award from the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAoI)
  • Architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) and concrete serve as finishes throughout the building.
  • To provide connectivity, a steel-framed bridge spans 250 feet between the buildings. The complex geometry of the bridge structure and the accelerated project schedule required close collaboration and coordination with the steel fabricator and the construction manager.
  • Installed a water source heat pump system tied into a cooling tower and high efficiency condensing boiler plant which will connect to a geothermal field in the future to improve energy performance. Mechanical systems contributed to a more than 30% improvement in comparison to a LEED baseline allowing the building to achieve LEED Silver.
  • Provided flexible process utility systems for the multistory high bay welding teaching areas that included specialty exhaust and gas distribution.
  • Specialty overhead lighting systems were provided for the high bay teaching/manufacturing space.

CannonDesign Buffalo Office Fit-Out

  • Engaged Amp’s CannonDesign Integration Services (CDIS) for the Buffalo office’s first new home in decades. Shared goals of the project team were energy optimization, maximizing real estate investments, and ultimately making our people happier, healthier, and more efficient at work.
  • Deployed a Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting system that supports the integration needs of the project. CDIS helped steer the design team through the entirety of the cross-disciplinary lighting and sensory system.
  • Introduced circadian rhythm sequences for lighting to mimic daylight. The lighting control platform initiates a correlated color temperature shift of tunable white PoE luminaires in relation to date and time.
  • Occupancy status from the building automation system feeds enterprise-level email and room scheduling applications with real-time occupied or unoccupied status. The room scheduler displays real-time status as users interact with the room scheduling tool.
  • An HVAC zoned control adjusts setpoints based on actual occupancy versus design day occupancy conditions. The building automation system collects and stores trend data for every 15-minute interval for at least one year.

University of Illinois Chicago School of Medicine Surgical and Innovation Training Lab, Chicago, Illinois

Before:                                                                         After:

  • Designed and installed a 20,000cfm surgical air handling unit in a very small footprint with 100% outside air, humidification, and air valve terminal units to support the optimal environment for the surgical teaching space.
  • Provided 1,000Amps in power distribution to support the use of surgical robots working in tandem with C-arm imaging equipment to push the boundaries of future surgery.
  • Developed an elegant solution consisting of field fabricated laboratory service columns with power, data, displays, medical gases, and vacuum to accommodate multiple surgical modes, including traditional surgery, robotic surgery, and neurosurgery.
  • Implemented an advanced lighting and controls system to allow for individually controllable, dimmable, and color-tunable luminaires to allow for traditional illumination, green filter illumination, as well as defining the surgical zones via lighted areas to allow for better color and lighting for each surgical task.
  • Provided a leading-edge audio/visual recording and display system capable of displaying multiple streams from the robot cameras as well as presentation cameras and displaying those images both in the laboratory, in adjacent classrooms, and in collaboration with other institutions around the room.