December 9, 2021

Ready to Innovate: Amp Selects Three New Members for Development Team 4

Our Amp Development Team (DT) is thrilled to share it has selected three new members for its fourth installment, including Jordan Goss, Kyle Ritchie, and Pamela Steiner.

The trio will be onboarded this December and fully step into their roles in 2022. They will join existing members to help guide our in-house incubator and nurture ideas for products and services that reshape CannonDesign, create new revenue streams and make the world a better place.

Since its founding years back, Amp has existed as CannonDesign’s incubator to test ideas for new products and service lines or create improved work-flow processes and business strategies. The Amp DT helps evaluate submissions, connect teams with firm resources, engage firm leadership and assist, mentor and manage proposal teams accepted into the incubator.

Numerous interesting ideas have moved through Amp including our CannonDesign Shield, and Immunization Throughput Analysis tool, a mobile lactation pod and others.

Looking to understand how these three new members will impact Amp DT4 moving forward, we caught up with each of them briefly.

Jordan Goss

What does the word innovation mean to you?
Innovation is when ideas and thoughts leap forward as opposed to incremental change or improvements.

What inspired you to apply for the Amp Development Team?
I applied to Amp for two key reasons. First, I was looking for a way to be more involved with the firm and get to know others in different offices. Second, I have always been especially interested in the mindset of continuous improvement, and Amp allows me to channel that interest to help evolve CannonDesign.

Kyle Ritchie

What does the word innovation mean to you?
Innovation, to me, means solving an existing problem with a new tool or process. Innovation and problems go hand-in-hand; you can’t have one without the other.

Do you have any personal goals for your engagement in the Amp Development Team?
My primary goal will be to encourage and support new ideas that emerge from our larger CannonDesign teams. It’s not every day a staff member (at any level) is given the opportunity to submit and elevate their innovative idea for consideration at a company-wide scale. I’ve worked at firms that discourage innovation, so to be given the opportunity and position to explore and facilitate the implementation of new ideas will be an incredible honor.

Pamela Steiner

What does the word innovation mean to you?
A willingness to think differently. Challenging yourself and others to think, listen, hear in new and different ways. Always leading with a “yes, and” point of view.

Is there a specific project, area of the company, etc. you think could most benefit from innovation and new products/services?
I think there’s an opportunity to understand how our teams are already taking “creative roads less traveled” and understand how we might bring that mindset to other areas of the firm. We all know of individuals, teams, etc. that are doing creative work in creative ways that might not fit our “typical” framework. Let’s examine what we’re doing well (no matter the scale) and elevate when possible.