June 20, 2022

David Polzin Talks Living-Centered Design with AXIS Magazine

David Polzin, our executive director of design, recently spoke with AXIS Magazine about CannonDesign’s novel Living-Centered Design approach.

The piece runs in one of AXIS’ latest editions which is dedicated to design that serves citizens. AXIS has been a leading design publication for more than four decades, curating dynamic special features, interviews, and thought pieces that push the design industry forward.

David specifically spoke to how CannonDesign developed Living-Centered Design and what it means to create spaces that empower people, community, business, society and the environment to all flourish.

“The challenges our world and our clients face – like climate change, safety, public health, inequity – are large and daunting, but also opportunities for change. We believe design is absolutely pivotal to confronting these issues and shaping a better world, David told AXIS. “Living-Centered Design really blends the best attributes of human-centered and systems-based design methods to ensure we design through the diverse lenses and broader ecosystems to realize more impactful, systemic change.”

David’s full piece is only included in AXIS print edition. However, earlier this year, our team published FLOURISH, an inaugural publication that contextualizes Living-Centered Design in our work and people.