August 3, 2020

Eckerd College Featured for Outdoor Accessibility and Design

Eckerd College was featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education due to its offerings for outdoor instruction. Faculty members have the ability to choose to teach outside with students while maintaining social distancing and Wi-Fi access.

The school’s outdoor-instruction initiative – lead by Professor of Environmental Science & Biology Elizabeth A. Forys and Noëlle C. Boucquey, an assistant professor of environmental studies – surveyed the faculty and found that more than 83 percent across multiple disciplines were interested in teaching outdoors. They are helping staff and students transition to outdoor learning even for programs that aren’t originally designed for that kind of programming. While Eckerd College’s environment and campus layout is conducive, Forys believes that creative solutions can be found once institutions map out possibilities and take inventory of their own offerings.

The full story can be found here for reference.