March 28, 2022

ABC Tampa Bay highlights Kirkland Ranch’s ‘one of a kind’ school

ABC ACTION NEWS, WFTS-TV, recently interviewed the principal of Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation in Wesley Chapel, Florida on the breakthrough school our team designed in partnership with the district.

The Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation (KRAI) is a 180,000-SF building that will focus on career and technical education (CTE), which is a pedagogical approach that prepares students for high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers. It will offer hands-on, interactive learning that teaches skills more than theory—arming students with the competencies needed to successfully transition from high school to careers, or into college and beyond.

“Every single one of these programs, they [school officials] went and visited multiple sites and put together the pieces so that we could design here in Pasco County the best diesel program, the best auto program, the best biomedical program,” said principal Dee Dee Johnson to WFTS.

At KRAI, more than 1,000 students can receive a certification in any of 10 different programs and study disciplines ranging from digital technology and engineering to biomedical science, cyber security, building construction, robotics, and more.

“I think overall; it’s just going to strengthen our community and really truly we can say that we’ve prepared students for a college career and life,” said Johnson to WFTS.

The $70 million campus will welcome students in fall 2022.