April 19, 2021

Architect Magazine Features Purdue University Northwest's Bioscience Innovation Building

Architect magazine has published an extensive piece on architectural lighting in education spaces with a focus on our design of the Purdue University Northwest Nils K. Nelson Bioscience Innovation Building.

The collaborative STEM building unites the school’s College of Nursing and Department of Biology, incorporating cross-disciplinary skills labs adjacent to public spaces so all students can experience the culture of discovery.

The Architect piece notes “the building is organized around a grand staircase and three-story atrium, through whose glazed walls classrooms and research labs are visible. Exterior windows respond to the interior program, with larger window sizes allocated to classrooms and labs, and smaller windows to offices.

Lighting elements and engineering systems evenly illuminate surfaces and teaching walls while accounting for spatial geometries and maximizing function and visual comfort.

The lighting design follows the lead of the building’s design drivers and centers on concepts of transparency, efficiency, and providing flexibility for future needs,” our Raisa Shigol says in the story. 

The labs feature orthogonal arrangements of pendant LED lighting with indirect and direct distribution and flexible control strategies. Linear, angled fixtures convey movement in circulation areas and student hubs. Classrooms and labs feature sunshades to mitigate glare. “Health education facilities require a unique balance. It’s critical to select lighting systems that support a realistic health-care environment and related medical tasks, while also ensuring a facility that nourishes campus and student life.

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