August 27, 2020

Buffalo Rising: CannonDesign Creating Dynamic Resources For Community

Our Buffalo Office Leader Bob Donahue is part of a new Q+A article from Buffalo Rising that focuses on his new role, CannonDesign’s imminent move in downtown Buffalo and the numerous meaningful projects our team is leading across the region.

As the piece acknowledges, “It has been a transformative year for CannonDesign in Buffalo. The global design firm, founded in the Buffalo-area more than a century ago, left its Grand Island office of 30+ years last September, moved its 190 employees into temporary space downtown, and began designing a permanent new workplace at 50 Fountain Plaza.

Amidst all that, the company also named Bob Donahue its new regional Office Leader, continued to drive key dialogue through its Buffalo Urban Futures Forum, and is leading important projects across the city.”

The full Buffalo Rising piece is available online. Below are key excerpts:

Why the permanent move downtown and why now?
CannonDesign has been deeply and sincerely committed to the City of Buffalo for 100 years and counting. Moving downtown and back into the urban core better connects us to the city’s DNA. 50 Fountain Plaza puts us at the nexus of two important streets in the city: Main and Chippewa, right on the city’s transit line, and in the heart of Buffalo’s business and theater districts. We believe we can be even more of a positive force for the city’s future from this new location.

What makes you proud of some of the current projects your office is leading?
We’re not just creating buildings, we’re creating community resources. Here’s just a few examples:

The D’Youville Health Professions Hub, set to open first of next year, will improve our city’s West Side community with improved community access to healthcare services, new educational opportunities focused on breaking cycles of chronic illness, and prepare a workforce to seize in-demand healthcare jobs.

201 Ellicott will be a mixed-use affordable housing and fresh food market in downtown. Our city has long needed a project in its urban center with these components. It will also be one of the first “mobility hubs” in downtown Buffalo, providing residents and community with a place of alternative transportation opportunities and supporting the idea of vibrant, livable and walkable communities.

ECMC’s new KeyBank Trauma and Emergency Department doubles the space of its predecessor and is the only Level 1 Adult Trauma and Emergency Department for the 1.5 million residents of Western New York. Physicians, nurses, EMTs and other care workers will see improved efficiency in the new space.

One World Cafe at University of Buffalo  won’t just be a new place for students to eat and meet with friends on campus; it’s a key piece of how the university plans to foster new levels of multicultural engagement.

All of these projects, and there are more coming, give our team a ton of pride. We want to do exciting, impactful work that makes the City of Buffalo stronger for generations.

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