July 30, 2020

CannonDesign Featured in Building Design + Construction Magazine

Patricia Bou, AIA, LEED AP and Charles Smith, AIA, LEED AP, co-directors of our education practice, were recently featured in a piece in Building Design + Construction focused on the realities of establishing a hybrid approach within education. Patricia and Charles specifically spoke on how institutions can reassess spaces that can be re-utilized for cross-disciplinary programs.

An excerpt can be found below, and the full piece can be read here.

“The pandemic gave colleges and universities a pressing reason to reevaluate their assets, in order to figure out how they fit into longer-term sustainability plans. For example, about 30% of a typical campus footprint is currently used for administrative and faculty space,” notes Patricia Bou, AIA, CannonDesign’s Co-Director–Education Market. Her colleague Charles Smith, AIA, believes that S+T and research facilities could gain importance as part of cross-disciplinary education. “The same goes for healthcare and medical education,” says Smith. “We’re thinking about how to address the intersection of health, science, and data.”