July 6, 2020

Construction Dive: The Benefits of Value Engineering via Modular Design and Construction

A new article from Construction Dive focuses on how modular design and construction can maximize the benefits of value engineering capital projects and features extensive insight from our ModularDesign+ team.

In the piece, Josh Mensinger, Vice President of ModularDesign+, explains process is key.

Challenges arise when a general contractor pulls their subcontractors together and decides they’re going to use prefabrication to deliver their scopes of work.

“When you do prefabrication and modular construction that way,” Mensinger said, “you don’t save on any costs whatsoever. That’s why modular (can be) more expensive. You’re paying for the subcontractors’ time … but also for the logistics of shipping the prefabricated components to the project.”

The better approach is to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA). The holistic DFMA approach sees participants working toward the greatest efficiency, those deciding on modular or prefabrication after the fact are just trying to take advantage of time, not the manufacturing savings that they should be trying to achieve.

With the knowledge and experience of DFMA, Mensinger says, ModularDesign+ is able to sometimes advise designers on specifications that can bring more value. “They’re not familiar with potential manufacturing or assembling savings.” 

For example, the company buys many materials at discounted bulk rates. So, if an architect has specified a different material for the project, ModularDesign+ can offer savings that the project would not be able to achieve otherwise, which puts it into the category of value engineering.

The full article is available online. The ModularDesign+ team is a national company delivering breakthrough modular design, fabrication and installation solutions. A strategic partner of CannonDesign, ModularDesign+ is the first to offer open-source solutions that provider customers with enhanced adaptability and better outcomes for their projects. Current projects including the LAC + USC Restorative Care Village and a Hyatt Place Hotel in Texas.

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