August 13, 2020

Forbes: Creating a More Dynamic and Equitable Workplace

We are excited to share our Swapna Sathyan has authored a new piece for Forbes on how companies can create more dynamic and equitable workplaces as we move beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the article, Swapna shares that as organizations look toward the future, it will be a lost opportunity if we do not collectively capitalize on the cultural and psychological shift the pandemic has catalyzed. The workplace of the future should now become a fluid, dynamic environment that emphasizes the employee experience while promoting organizational objectives. Expanding the work environment to include physical, technological and cultural elements is the first step to redefining that future.

The full Forbes piece is available online. Below is another key excerpt:


Support Hybrid Teams
The pandemic has proven the knowledge economy can operate with essentially a 100% remote workforce. And, a recent study from getAbstract (via CNBC) found that 43% of employees say they would prefer to work from home more often moving forward. There’s no doubt that part of this desire stems from the success of this virtual environment over the past months. Unlike in the past, remote work during the pandemic is not an exception. It is the norm.

As organizations reinvent their workplace strategy, it will be critical to retain this mindset and craft cultural norms that engage everyone (in-person and virtual collaborators) in a virtual environment. With more flexible and remote work, essentially every team could be hybrid and composed of full-time, contract and gig employees who all work from different locations. Providing options for virtual employees to occasionally work in an office environment is as important as providing options for in-person employees to work remotely as needed.

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