September 20, 2021

Interior Design Magazine: CannonDesign Blends State-of-the-Art with Real Art at Cboe Global Markets HQ

We are proud to share Interior Design has published a full feature on our team’s work at Cboe Global Markets HQ in Chicago.

The piece showcases the strategy and creativity that helped shape Cboe’s new 185,000-SF workplace in the historic Chicago Old Post Office. The state-of-the-art workplace occupies four floors within two unique buildings with world-class features and amenities. The vibrant environment reflects CBOE’s dynamic industry and culture and is infused with commissioned artwork, unique branding moments, custom furniture, screens and lighting to enrich the experience for all.

“Cboe sought a transformational environment,” our Mark Hirons, Design Principal for the project shares in the article. “The context of the Old Post Office served as a rich canvas to tell the future of Cboe’s story with a unique and authentic Chicago icon.”

The full Interior Design article is available online. Below are additional key excerpts:

On the headquarters’ interior spaces
The interior spaces create a dynamic, undeniable modern milieu that coexists smoothly with protected historical architectural elements, such as a mezzanine that now features a pair of glass-cube meeting rooms cantilevered over the reception area, a nod to the observation boxes above the trading floors of yesteryear.

A sense of verve, along with the algorithmic patterns that underlie today’s financial exchanges, inspired much of the angular design. Most dramatic is the 140-foot-long white stretched ceiling extending from the elevator lobby down the length of reception, a shiny multilevel feature that incorporates LED stock ticker feeds while bringing reflected light and views deep into the office.

Beneath it, the angular motif is echoed in a blue-and-white area rug as well as in light fixtures, bronze-painted metal screens, and furnishings throughout the project. “Cboe thrives on intense and volatile energy,” Hirons says. “It was essential that the space created moments within that translated that experience.”

On bringing the Cboe story to life
A colorful installation of neatly folded traders’ jackets in a conference room speaks to the company’s storied past. The equally colorful cables that enable lightning-fast electronic trading are likewise celebrated in the elevator lobby, where 30,000 linear feet of multihued cords dangle from the soaring ceiling. “It creates a sense of immersive chaos,” Hirons notes, as do the many artworks that enliven the surroundings.

“The extensive art and environmental graphics were designed to tell a story: the history of the organization,” our Meg Osman, Director of our Commercial Market and Project Principal, adds. “They celebrate, in a modern way, the company’s beginnings, unique place in the industry, and overall trajectory.”

A good example is a two-story wall sculpture that animates one of two new staircases linking the floors in the different buildings. Hundreds of highly polished yellow, blue, and green stainless-steel fins create a vortex-like arrangement that changes with the viewing angle. “It’s alive and interesting, almost like a gallery that draws you from one floor to another,” Hirons comments, noting the rhythmic pattern is inspired by the wind on Lake Michigan, the colors of the sky, and the prairie.”