December 13, 2020

Interior Design Publishes Upwork's Boundless Hub for the Future of Work

We are thrilled to share Interior Design has published a new piece on the dynamic collaborative workplace our team designed for Upwork.

Upwork’s paradigm-shifting success as the world’s largest work marketplace, connecting millions of businesses with independent talent around the globe, has reshaped our economy and how we work.

Determined to eliminate all barriers between connecting the best talent to the right opportunities anywhere anytime, Upwork thrives as a departure from the expected. Their new space is designed to eliminate physical barriers between teams to foster connectivity and collaboration. It is also infused with easy and accessible technology resources, amenities and spaces that amplify themes of freedom, control and boundless possibility, and unique artwork that shares stories and emotions from their global talent community.

The full Interior Design piece is available online. Below are key excerpts:

On personalization and key spaces
Working closely with Kelsi Rohrmann, senior manager of employee enablement at Upwork, the final design features personal details courtesy of the company’s employees. The Chicago team’s previous office was in a loft so to reimagine beloved aspects of that environment, the new office features panoramic views of the city with high ceilings and biophilic elements throughout. Upwork also hosted an internal social media contest where photos and quotes representative of its mission were submitted and, ultimately, turned into graphics featured on the doors of conference rooms.

A central feature of the Upwork Chicago office is a multipurpose space dubbed “The Hive,” which, as Rohrmann explains, is “where all the buzz is really happening.” Adding to the area’s namesake, a series of hexagonal lighting and acoustic felt tiles span the ceiling. Used for formal gatherings and everyday lunches, the ceiling system ensures no matter where someone is in the space, they are intimately connected with their peers. Overall, the energy from the bustling streets of Chicago and the connectedness of Upwork are translated into an office that allows workers to find a spot that suits them.

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