November 10, 2020

Nantucket Cottage Hospital Featured in Healthcare Design Magazine

The island hospital, which opened in February 2019, is showcased as a resilient and flexible design that honors its heritage.

As the first new medical facility on the island in more than 60 years, Nantucket Cottage Hospital significantly enhanced access to a broad range of medical services for permanent residents and tourists alike.

Our Jocelyn Stroupe, co-director of healthcare interiors, and Brian McKenna, health practice leader in our Boston office, spoke with Healthcare Design about the unique aspects of the community hospital.

“We were asked to apply scale and measurements and proportions that are traditionally used for houses to a healthcare institution,” said McKenna. The aesthetic honors Nantucket’s architectural vernacular and strong history of craftsmanship and the roof is pitched in proportion to the surroundings while the entire facility is covered in unpainted shingles.

The hospital is also built for extreme weather events, and can withstand winds up to 158 mph with the mechanical systems placed on the roof in case of flooding or hurricanes and hidden behind a mansard roof. The flexible design of the hospital also prepared it well for the coronavirus pandemic, and allowed it to easily isolate infectious patients. Core services were placed next to one another so the small staff was able to move easily between patients if needed. “They do a lot of cross training of staff with multiple services, so operationally there was a big focus on efficiencies,” noted McKenna.

Along with the updated space and more efficient layout, the entire hospital inside and out remained true to the island’s strong history.

“It’s a really beautiful community because of that consistent character that it has, but at the same time, it’s a unique challenge applying that character to a healthcare setting,” said Stroupe.

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