August 20, 2020

REJournals Highlights Emily Stampanato as Rising Star

We are proud to share REJournals has highlighted Emily Stampanato as a rising star and future leader in commercial real estate with a new Q+A piece.

Emily is a dynamic leader for our global commercial practice, guiding a team that works with breakthrough companies including Square, Upwork and Atlassian to name just a few. Per the REJournals piece, Emily “love the human side of her work, meeting with people, building relationships and working together. Her focus is guiding each unique client toward unexpected and bold solutions.

The full REJournals is available online. Below are key excerpts:

How did you get your start in the industry?

I was fortunate to intern for an amazing firm in Indianapolis while I finished my senior year of college, which ultimately afforded me the chance to move to Chicago. The firm I worked for specialized in healthcare and education and I was immediately thrown into large projects with direct impact on communities. It was surreal to me as the curriculum in college doesn’t prepare you emotionally for the impact that design can have on a population of people. In six years’ time, I went from graduating during the 2008 recession and making my way to Chicago as an intern, to director of interiors for the same company.

After six years in healthcare and higher education, I took a leap to the commercial side of the market where I worked as director of marketing for a firm. It was in this role that I discovered my passion for business development, and my love for the fast-paced and disruptive nature of commercial real estate.

What does a day in the life of Emily Stampanato look like?

I am so incredibly fortunate that no two days in my life look the same. For some, I realize that probably looks and sounds like chaos, but for me it’s where I thrive. It’s not uncommon for me to split my day between business development, marketing and design. The common denominator for me is always the people. I never lose touch with the human side of our business. I am enamored by people’s stories, their passion and their innovation—so I follow it.

Lately, I’ve played a key role in national business development. We’re always trying to work with innovative companies ready for new ideas and novel solutions. Those types of companies aren’t bound by geography, so we go where they go. It is thrilling work.

What do you like most about your job?

I’m incredibly fortunate to work for a team where there are no real limits. Working in CannonDesign’s commercial practice, I have the freedom to pursue any idea or possibility that can make a difference. I’m never held back or boxed in. I love that. It empowers and inspires me incredibly each day. It allows me to be a free spirit in all aspects of my job.

I love competing for and winning new work. I find energy in pursuing exciting projects that push our teams outside our comfort zones. I love the chase. I love the competition. And, I love winning those kinds of projects and making them our reality.

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