Zurich North AmericaCarrier Management – a leading media for property and casualty C-Suite officers – published my article, “How Insurance Carriers Can Create Workplaces that Attract People and Business.” The article focuses on our work with Zurich North America and Lockton and will also be published in their upcoming print issue. Here is a link to the article, but the full version is only available to subscribed members. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Generate Connections, Excitement and Culture
The battle for talent insurance companies face today isn’t just with their competitors, it’s also with other industries. New technologies are creating entirely new fields and millennials and Gen Z employees are much more entrepreneurially inclined than previous generations. All of this leads to fewer young employees and students seeking careers in the insurance field as they turn to opportunities as software engineers or digital marketing analysts.

Making the insurance field more appealing to younger employees will take numerous steps including better partnership with universities, internships and rebranding. Still, the workplace can be a hub to promote dynamic culture and fuel entrepreneurial spirits. Lockton recently opened a new workplace focused on energy and collaboration. Every desk in the space offers sit-stand control and physical barriers are lowered to promote communication and connectivity. A central café more akin to a start-up company offers the ultimate collaboration space, equipped with a full bar, ping-pong table, café seating, and a training space with moveable doors. This flexibility and workplace freedom nurtures a stronger sense of teambuilding while also offering key settings to foster relationships with guests. This focus on social space is often essential in building a stronger company culture, which translates to increased trust among team members and can accelerate innovation and idea-sharing in the office environment.