CannonDesign’s Abbie Clary, a director of our health practice, recently authored an article in AthenaInsight, titled “What is your waiting room saying to patients?” The piece outlines three proven design strategies for community hospitals that want to put consumerism to work in their physical facilities — to enhance brand, educate and build emotional connections, and enhance patient experience.

The full article can be read online, and a key excerpt can be found below:

Say “consumerism in healthcare” and CVS and Walmart’s retail clinics come to mind. While consumerism is a strategy, not a place, it is changing the spaces in which healthcare is delivered – from the corner drugstore to community hospitals.

As a strategy, consumerism is about understanding and responding to the needs and values of your customers, individually and as distinct groups based on culture, gender, age, and more. Just as those qualities drive patients’ interactions with healthcare providers, they drive our thinking as hospital designers.

At CannonDesign, we work with healthcare organizations of all sizes to create physical spaces that support patient engagement and work economically for each specific health system. The good news is, when it comes to consumer-friendly spaces, even the smallest critical access hospital has an edge over large health systems, thanks to its deep understanding of the community it serves.

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