Our future workplaces will need to be driven by a powerful new vision.

As cities are running out of old warehouse buildings to renovate, and selling space in high-rise towers is becoming more difficult, it’s time to create a new type of building that is attractive to companies who cut their teeth in co-working incubators before seeking their own digs.

This is the driving argument in Robert Benson’s new piece for ArchDaily. Benson notes, when it comes to architecture and office space, we are often drawn to older, character-fueled “warehouse-style” facilities. However, there is a finite amount of these buildings and they too offer setbacks and limitations.

Ultimately, through architecture, workplace strategy and planning, it’s time for new types of buildings that don’t adhere to the old model. It’s time to design new buildings that capture those things people find so desirable in loft buildings, from the volumes to the spirit of kinship between tenants.

Robert’s full ArchDaily piece can be read online here.