Our Jimmy Rotella has authored a new piece for ArchDaily titled, “3 Ways Multi-User VR will Enhance the Design Work of the Future.” The article suggests, “2018 will be a pivotal moment in how the design community uses virtual reality to deliver work. With leading firms exploring the introduction of multi capabilities, the technology will experience a breakthrough shift from purely enabling new modes of consumption to one that empowers design.”

Specifically, Rotella states that multi-user VR will achieve the following:

  • Truly create firms without walls by essentially eliminating geographic barriers
  • Allow designers to explore, text and experiment in exciting new ways as it enhances the virtual artifacts designers can pull from digital environments
  • Better connect clients to the design process by allowing them to virtually step into models with design teams to hear ideas and strategies as they develop

Ultimately, multi-user VR will empower stronger design outcomes for everyone invested in a project. The technology will impact designers, firms and clients in different ways, but essentially forge exciting new connectivity for everyone.

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