The spotlight is on. ArchDaily publishes Dickinson College, Kline Center.

ArchDaily, one of the premier online sites for architectural news and coverage, has published an extensive feature piece on the Dickinson College, Kline Center.

A building of creative opposites, the renovated and expanded facility is in many ways the antithesis of the existing Kline Center. The building is an addition to a 1980s athletic complex designed by Daniel Tully, which was constructed using a novel structural system of hyperbolic paraboloid roof shells. The new addition takes that structural system and turns it on its head as a design theme. If the original building was constructed using wooden glue-lam beams, the new building is made of exposed steel. If the hold building lacks connection to light, the new building is filled with natural daylight. If the old building’s structure forms an undulating profile on the skyline, the new building creates a quieter presence while referencing the existing building’s roof geometry in the structural steel which supports the facades aluminum sunshade.

The addition is made up of a number of distinct constituent parts; a large outdoor covered piazza, a triangulated lobby and connecting sky lit concourse, wood clad office and cafe volume, a glass-enclosed fitness center, a five court squash center and a south facing covered porch.

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