October 21, 2019

ArchDaily Publishes Maryland Heights Community Center

We are proud to share ArchDaily has published our Maryland Heights Community Center project to their extensive online portfolio of the world’s most dynamic architecture.

The Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center is a dynamic hub for recreational sports, wellness, and civic engagement located in this west St. Louis community. Situated prominently along the city’s beltway and adjacent to Maryland Heights’ outdoor water park, the Center offers a prominent destination for residents with significantly improved space and a greater variety of activity areas for community use over their former facility on the same site.

The requirements of creating a destination center for the community – while achieving it in a hospitable way that mediates the harsh environment of the highway – and preserving usable green space are satisfied in a single architectural ploy of lifting the ground plane and nestling the building into the landscape. This creates a sheltering form while maintaining an occupiable berm that points toward the park.

David Polzin, our executive director of design and the design principal for the Maryland Heights project, is quoted in the piece, explaining that “the project’s greatest challenge was also its greatest opportunity. The building’s proximity to the adjacent highway presented an enormously harsh acoustical environment with noise levels upwards of 90 db, nearly equivalent to the noise of a jet engine. “Through the shaping and siting of the building, we were able to create an ‘acoustic shadow’ disrupting the propagation of sound waves from the highway and cutting decibel levels nearly in half. This strategy opened up the possibility for a very expressive architecture.”

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