ArchDaily has published our EMEA project to its growing portfolio of the best design work in the world. As design lead on the project, Assembly/CannonDesign worked with Uber to create an international office in Amsterdam that celebrates and embraces the diversity and culture of their global community. While still incorporating Uber’s core values of grounded, populist, inspiring, highly evolved and elevated, the EMEA headquarters reflects the pulse and influences of Amsterdam while highlighting different regions of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. What emerged was a fusion of colors, materials and patterns that perfectly expresses the notion of bringing people together.

The space is built around the concept of activity-based working. There are no assigned seats; instead, employees are placed within team-based neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is multi-functional and akin to a small office. There is an opportunity to personalize, an opportunity to come together in a comfortable setting, and an opportunity to meet formally all within the open environment. Featured in every neighborhood is at least one “mantle,” a simple but warm way to allow each team to collectively personalize their space.

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