virtual reality in architectureCannonDesign’s Jimmy Rotella is featured extensively in Architect magazine’s new “5 Steps to Make VR a Reality in your Practice” piece that looks at how VR is beginning to influence how we work and interact with one another. Rotella helped frame the discussion for Architect and highlight the five key steps firms can take to strengthen their strategic use of VR, including:

  • Know your why
  • Ask for help
  • Make the necessary investment
  • Garner user buy-in
  • Take advantage of the new vantage

The full article is available online. Below, is an excerpt from one portion of the story in which Rotella is quoted.

Securing help and partnerships.

Rotella recommends partnering with software companies, which may fall outside a design firm’s typical network. CannonDesign worked with software company Enscape as a beta tester, getting early access to Enscape’s Revit plug-in and providing feedback on new software features. Rotella also recommends that firms educate a wide group of people – designers, business development and marketing staff – in VR to help client-facing leaders understand the hardware and software limitations before agreeing to provide VR deliverables.