Kittner_20160413_8756-Edit.jpgThe University of Florida (UF), Reitz Student Union is profiled in the most recent issue of Architect’s Newspaper as part of the publication’s focus on innovative uses of glass in design. The UF Reitz Union responds to a student-led campaign for the renovation and expansion of their campus union to address a growing population and aging infrastructure. Portions of the glass facade reflect alligator teeth (designed to connect the building with the beloved UF mascot – the American Alligator). Project architect Demosthenis Simatos also comments on the project in the piece.

“The intent of the glass design at Reitz Union is to create a dynamic facade expression over the main entry, one that projects patterns of different complexities depending on where one views it from. It acts as an outdoor chandelier that fractures the sky and ground, drawing people into the building. This expression speaks to the programmatic functions housed in the Reitz Student Union expansion project, a reflection of the diverse student body that is the University of Florida.”

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