August 15, 2019

Athletic Business: Architects Envision Rec Center of the Future

A new report from Athletic Business seeks to envision the Recreation Centers of the Future through discussion with architects including Colleen McKenna, director of our Sports, Rec and Wellness practice.

The article considers programming, virtual reality, flexibility, inclusivity and numerous other factors in its look forward. Here are excerpts featuring Colleen:

On programming and data
Data continues to indicate the next generation of students will need more resources for their physical and mental health,” added Mckenna. “Colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to advance a new wellbeing model, and recreation centers will be the epicenter of their efforts.”

On “exercise as medicine”
As McKenna sees it, “exercise as medicine” will be more than just a slogan. It will be the key to longevity for future generations, just as it has been for Baby Boomers. “This age group, and the generation to follow, are staying active and exercising later in life,” she says. “This new reality will span a variety of new, hybrid activities focused on both mental and physical wellness. It will continue to put extraordinary pressure and demand on recreation facilities to accommodate multi generational populations determined to keep moving.”


On virtual reality and digital tools
“We’re going to see fitness classes taught in virtual reality and other online programming opportunities skyrocket in the next 10 years. Every activity will be highly customized. Instant feedback and data gathering will allow colleges and universities to modify recreational programming in an instant to address their populations’ specific needs.”

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