Fast Company has featured key CannonDesign collegiate recreation efforts and ideas on trends in their recent piece, “Back to School: A Look Inside the Most Insane College Gyms.

Gone is the old squat box of a gymnasium with Nautilus equipment—”the gerbil cage environment,” says Reed Voorhees, a CannonDesign vice president who works in the firm’s sports practice. In its place are soaring, light-filled structures with yoga decks, climbing walls, and juice bars.

“There’s a more three-dimensional interplay of spaces rather than just a floor on top of a floor on top of a floor,” says Voorhees. “The walls are going away or we’re using more glass and materials that make them appear to go away.” That’s partly so students can see all their options, so someone coming in to use the track might run by the climbing wall and be inspired to check it out on a future visit.

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